Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (db) 1433 /2012

Recordings of Lectures from Ramadan I’tikaf 1434 / 2013

By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (damat barakatuhum)’s

Audio Recordings

Ramadan Itekaf Special Gathering 1433
21st Night Majlis16.4 MiB784
22nd Night Majlis18.6 MiB411
23rd Night Majlis18.7 MiB334
24th Night Majlis10.7 MiB366
25 Majlis Urdu15.8 MiB479
21st General Urdu19.9 MiB475
22nd General Urdu15.6 MiB363
23rd General Urdu19.5 MiB243
24th General Urdu20.1 MiB221
25th General Urdu18.5 MiB212
26th General Urdu19.6 MiB312
27th General Urdu26.3 MiB283
28th General Urdu52.1 MiB185
29th General Urdu20.8 MiB207
22nd Morning Women16.9 MiB476
23rd Morning Urdu15.9 MiB405
24th Morning Urdu14.5 MiB213
25 Morning Urdu18.6 MiB461
26th Morning Urdu15.5 MiB373
27th Morning Urdu16.5 MiB363
28th Morning Urdu16.6 MiB348
29th Morning Urdu14.7 MiB382



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  1. Assalamualaikum,

    I would like to know name of the reciter for surah Infitar in 21st_general_urdu peer zulfiqar bayan (Ramadan-Itekaf-genral-1433). I like that recitation very much and I memorize that surah as well.


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