Aaj Ka Sabaq


In-sha-Allah Daily Sabaq In URDU By Hazrat Maulana Yunus Palanpuri (D.B)

2014-01-31 KA SABAQ919.8 KiB
2014-01-30 KA SABAQ395.6 KiB
2014-01-29-KA SABAQ412.5 KiB
2014-01-28-KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-01-27 KA SABAQ688.1 KiB
2014-01-26-KA SABAQ3.4 MiB
2014-01-25-KA SABAQ858.8 KiB
2014-01-24-KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-01-23-KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-01-22-KA SABAQ948.8 KiB
2014-01-21-KA SABAQ706.2 KiB
2014-01-20-KA SABAQ752.8 KiB
2014-01-19-KA SABAQ660.1 KiB
2014-01-18-SABAQ817.0 KiB
2014-01-17 KA SABAQ826.0 KiB
2014-01-16 KA SABAQ825.2 KiB
2014-01-15 KA SABAQ806.6 KiB
2014-01-14 KA SABAQ870.9 KiB
2014-01-13-KA SABAQ729.3 KiB
2014-01-12-KA SABAQ693.0 KiB
2014-01-11-KA SABAQ417.5 KiB
2014-01-10-KA SABAQ791.7 KiB
2014-01-09-KA SABAQ651.7 KiB
2014-01-08-KA SABAQ575.2 KiB
2014-01-07-KA SABAQ661.5 KiB
2014-01-06-KA SABAQ542.2 KiB
2014-01-05-KA SABAQ630.0 KiB
2014-01-04-KA SABAQ549.4 KiB
2014-01-03-KA SABAQ869.9 KiB
2014-01-02-KA SABAQ623.8 KiB
2014-01-01-KA SABAQ811.8 KiB
2014-02-24 KA SABAQ731.2 KiB
2014-02-23 KA SABAQ288.0 KiB
2014-02-22 KA SABAQ759.5 KiB
2014-02-21 KA SABAQ906.0 KiB
2014-02-20 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-02-20 KA EXTRA SABAQ817.0 KiB
2014-02-19 KA SABAQ1.3 MiB
2014-02-18 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-02-17 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-02-16 KA SABAQ587.4 KiB
2014-02-15 KA SABAQ782.3 KiB
2014-02-14 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-02-13-KA EXTRA SABAQ970.6 KiB
2014-02-13 KA SABAQ774.8 KiB
2014-02-12 KA SABAQ788.3 KiB
2014-02-11 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-02-10 KA SABAQ947.5 KiB
2014-02-09 KA SABAQ956.2 KiB
2014-02-08 KA SABAQ820.8 KiB
2014-02-07 KA SABAQ933.6 KiB
2014-02-06 KA SABAQ823.5 KiB
2014-02-05 KA SABAQ598.5 KiB
2014-02-04 KA SABAQ645.6 KiB
2014-02-03 KA SABAQ649.4 KiB
2014-02-02 KA SABAQ1.2 MiB
2014-02-01 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-04-25 KA SABAQ1.7 MiB
2014-04-24 KA SABAQ1.4 MiB
2014-04-23 KA SABAQ1.4 MiB
2014-04-22 KA SABAQ1.5 MiB
2014-04-21 KA SABAQ1.5 MiB
2014-04-20 KA SABAQ1.3 MiB
2014-04-19 KA SABAQ1.8 MiB
2014-04-18 KA SABAQ1.3 MiB
2014-04-17 KA SABAQ1.7 MiB
2014-04-16 KA SABAQ1.6 MiB
2014-04-15 KA SABAQ2.8 MiB
2014-04-14 KA SABAQ1.6 MiB
2014-04-13 KA SABAQ1.8 MiB
2014-04-12 KA SABAQ1.6 MiB
2014-04-11 KA SABAQ1.5 MiB
2014-04-10 KA SABAQ1.7 MiB
2014-04-09 KA SABAQ1.3 MiB
2014-04-08 KA SABAQ1.3 MiB
2014-04-07 KA SABAQ1.5 MiB
2014-04-06 KA SABAQ923.8 KiB
2014-04-05 KA SABAQ1.4 MiB
2014-04-04 KA SABAQ661.1 KiB
2014-04-03 KA SABAQ1.4 MiB
2014-04-02 KA SABAQ1.4 MiB
2014-04-01 KA SABAQ1.5 MiB
2014-03-30 KA SABAQ864.4 KiB
2014-03-29 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-03-28 KA SABAQ EXTRA769.9 KiB
2014-03-28 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-03-27 KA SABAQ948.2 KiB
2014-03-26 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-03-25 KA SABAQ723.1 KiB
2014-03-24 KA SABAQ868.6 KiB
2014-03-23 KA SABAQ744.3 KiB
2014-03-22 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-03-21 KA SABAQ680.2 KiB
2014-03-20 KA SABAQ747.1 KiB
2014-03-19 KA SABAQ656.0 KiB
2014-03-18 KA SABAQ824.5 KiB
2014-03-17 KA SABAQ649.8 KiB
2014-03-16 KA SABAQ685.5 KiB
2014-03-15 KA SABAQ786.4 KiB
2014-03-14-KA SABAQ893.5 KiB
2014-03-13-KA SABAQ757.8 KiB
2014-03-12 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-03-11 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-03-10 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-03-09 KA SABAQ882.6 KiB
2014-03-08 KA SABAQ(2)940.6 KiB
2014-03-07 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-03-06 KA SABAQ EXTRA629.3 KiB
2014-03-06 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-03-05 KA SABAQ1.1 MiB
2014-03-04 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-03-03 KA SABAQ(3)756.8 KiB
2014-03-03 KA SABAQ EXTRA377.3 KiB
2014-03-02 KA SABAQ724.1 KiB
2014-03-01 KA SABAQ835.9 KiB
2014-02-28 KA SABAQ EXTRA570.9 KiB
2014-02-28 KA SABAQ838.7 KiB
2014-02-27 KA SABAQ EXTRA312.3 KiB
2014-02-27 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB
2014-02-26 KA SABAQ635.8 KiB
2014-02-25 KA SABAQ1.0 MiB





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  5. As salaamu alaikum…moulana gave a wazifa for those who have no children…after nafl nnafl we were asked to read a aayath In sajdah. I want the date of that particular aaj ka sabaq…pls admin can u pls help me with the date it will be of great help..

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