Maulana Yunus Palanpuri (D.B) 2012

Audio Recordings of Bayan at Mehendi Masjid Belacies Road Mumbai

1st to 15th Ramzaan, Bayans delivered by Mufti Huzaifa Palanpuri,

& from

16th to 29th Ramzaan, Bayans delivered by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Palanpuri

2012-07-2113.7 MiB713
2012-07-2212.9 MiB254
2012-07-2312.6 MiB205
2012-07-2413.7 MiB215
2012-07-2513.9 MiB267
2012-07-2615.1 MiB198
2012-07-2712.7 MiB180
2012-07-2814.4 MiB155
2012-07-2912.6 MiB284
2012-07-3013.2 MiB134
2012-07-3113.0 MiB142
2012-08-0113.8 MiB160
2012-08-0216.0 MiB173
2012-08-0315.0 MiB164
2012-08-0411.4 MiB169
2012-08-0513.6 MiB138
2012-08-0713.6 MiB342
2012-08-0812.6 MiB197
2012-08-0915.2 MiB143
2012-08-1014.0 MiB154
2012-08-1113.5 MiB151
2012-08-1216.6 MiB196
2012-08-1312.8 MiB184
2012-08-1414.6 MiB149
2012-08-1513.7 MiB155
2012-08-1622.4 MiB188
2012-08-0614.2 MiB204
2012-08-1711.6 MiB199
2012-08-1810.5 MiB440

138 thoughts on “Maulana Yunus Palanpuri (D.B) 2012

  • Farhana says:

    Assalam-o-alaikum wa-rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, May Allah grant the Jannatul firdous to maulana saheb and all the people working in giving the dawah towards deen.

    Kindly add me on whatsupp for aaj ka sabaq

  • Javed Khan says:

    Rizwan Bhai Assalamoalaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkato hu,
    I am just requesting that as in the bayans links of Ramzan 2013 you have given the description of all the links, it will be better if you do the same with the 2010, 2011 and 2012 it is just my suggestion cos while going through the 2013 bayans we get ready reference but not in 2010 2011 and 2012 links. just do it if possible.

    Jazakallah Khair

  • Adi says:

    Last 2 Bayans cannot be downloaded ( 28 & 29 )
    When clicking on the link its redirecting to Aaj ka Sabak.
    Pls check & rectify it.

    • Adminstrator says:

      Jazakallah for reporting the error, it happened due to some database error
      though we have fixed it,
      but will have to add the authur name & ramazaan date manually
      insha-allah we are working on it

  • asma khan says:

    Assalam alekum, i m big fan of maulana yunus palanpuri please aap mujhe aur meri family ko apni duao me yaad rakhen khuda hafiz

  • Abdullah Taibani says:

    Please let me know how to play the stream on VLC player on desktop??
    when i tried to play its was asking for username and password….
    so please help me

  • nadeem says:

    my name is nadeem i am a fan of maulana yunus palanpuri pls i cant’nt download your bybayans of 2010 and 2011 and i need old bayans of your from yrs 1995 if u have pls put on this web side thnk allah hazif maulana

  • furqan mulla says:

    allha app ka saya hamper tader kyam rakhe apko sahete de har khusi ata kare .hum ko bhi dua me yad rkhe

  • Unknwn says:

    Salam admin Bhai how can I download the Brayan’s on iPad plz let me knw

  • Nasir Mulla says:

    will it be possible to upload Maulana’s Bayaans prior to 2010?

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