Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (db) 1433 /2012

Recordings of Lectures from Ramadan I’tikaf 1434 / 2013

By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (damat barakatuhum)’s

Audio Recordings

Ramadan Itekaf Special Gathering 1433
21st Night Majlis16.4 MiB681
22nd Night Majlis18.6 MiB366
23rd Night Majlis18.7 MiB286
24th Night Majlis10.7 MiB323
25 Majlis Urdu15.8 MiB331
21st General Urdu19.9 MiB324
22nd General Urdu15.6 MiB241
23rd General Urdu19.5 MiB212
24th General Urdu20.1 MiB196
25th General Urdu18.5 MiB177
26th General Urdu19.6 MiB191
27th General Urdu26.3 MiB256
28th General Urdu52.1 MiB154
29th General Urdu20.8 MiB184
22nd Morning Women16.9 MiB436
23rd Morning Urdu15.9 MiB375
24th Morning Urdu14.5 MiB188
25 Morning Urdu18.6 MiB430
26th Morning Urdu15.5 MiB340
27th Morning Urdu16.5 MiB332
28th Morning Urdu16.6 MiB227
29th Morning Urdu14.7 MiB357

18 thoughts on “Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad (db) 1433 /2012”

  1. assalamualikum and jazakallah for those brothers who had made such easy for us to get such important lectures of hazrat shakyh zulfiqar sahab naqshbandi damat barakatuhum. jazakallah one’s again and if possible allah ke waaste send my salam to hazrat

  2. Masha Allah ! Hazrath (R.A) ka kiya kehna …. Hamare Dilon ko badal diya Allah ke fazal se…. Hum Hazrath ke Aashiq Hain… Zakath ke bare me koi bayan hai to please upload karen …. Meharbani ho gi….. (Mohammed Rizwanullah)

  3. MASHAALLAH…I failed to find words to appreciate your efforts to provide very very essential and most useful bayanaat to Ummate E Musliman…. I pray may ALLAH SUBHANAHU TAALA give you and your team real compensation for you extraordinary work…Aameen… This is right time to bring the real ISLAM before world so that misunderstandings regarding ISLAM amongst other communities can be removed… Please keep this up… Vassalam.

  4. Assalamualaikum,
    please upload all the afternoon special bayans for women by moulana zulfiqar naqshbandi. bayans not available from 26th ramadhan.

  5. Morning Lecture (Special topics for Women): 2:30 PM Upload Kare Rojana 3 Mazlish Hoti He To Aap Mornig Lecture Bhi Upload Kare Zazak Allah

  6. Dear admin there some erroer it stope suddenly cnt start again pls. do some thing & where we can get the recorded program of zukfiqar

          1. not that much for me. because we listen your mehendi masjid bayans at very good voice. alhamdulillah while i was writing this comment the volume automatically went up. jazakallah

  7. assalamualaikum!
    jazakallah for such a great work from you that we could listen maulana yunus and maulana zulfiqar bayan from anywhere in world. i have shared the link with many of my friends. some of my friends listen in canada also. i have a suggestion for you that if you also telecast the chunabhatti bayans on every thursday after ramazan as the womens at home will be able to take the benefits of the precious bayans and you could do that for the jod(gatherings) which takes place in rehmani masjid madanpura every 6 months. it could be done for the delhi markaz bayans and for ijtema which take place outside india in urdu language. its just a suggestion from myself. rest depend on you.

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