Rukkiya Shariah 66 Maulana Abdul Wasayee Palanpuri

Rukkiya Shariah 66 Introduction by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Palanpuri D.B
Rukkiya Shariah 66 Read by Maulana Abdul Wasayee Palanpuri 

Introduction Of Rukkiya Shariah 661.2 MiB4845
Rukkiya Shariah 66-Maulana Abdul Wasayee Palanpuri6.1 MiB8971



8 thoughts on “Rukkiya Shariah 66 Maulana Abdul Wasayee Palanpuri”

  1. Jazak Allah. Could you please mail me the link of this Rukkiya with better audio quality. This version is with much echo. It would be better if the echo is less.


  2. Aswkm, jazakallah for this beautiful step, of Rukiah. I would suggest a better recording with less echo in the recording as it would be beneficient to repeat the verse as one listens to it . This recording jumbles the verse bcoz of audio echo.

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