21st Ramazaan 1435 General Majlis

Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad DB
Itekaf bayaan – 19th July 2014
Dorangi Chor Day Yakrang Hoja

There are two types of humans, believers and unbelievers.

Allah is the friend of the believers and loves them. We should look at our lives, some humans will look after themselves and their body. They will dress well, eat well, enjoy. Humans are stressing on this, putting all efforts on this, to make it all better. Humans have thought of 7 course meals, eating like animals, walking and eating and also eating fast food.

Zindagi ki lazath, has become purpose of life…..life of Enjoyment, live life to max.

Beauty parlours are everywhere. Look at the different types of shampoos man has produced and thought of. There is a constant race for wealth. Man is thinking ‘I can only get these enjoyments with wealth’. It’s all because of gaflath, heedlessness. Preferring this world to the next.

Some are muslims by name only, they don’t know the difference between good deeds and bad.
Nafse amaara is worshipping the lower base self, desires. Muslims by name, do whatever their nafs desires, they pray salaah without the desire and pleasure. We are not prepared to put our daamin in front of Allah at night. We find it hard to pray fajr and isha, but easy to sit out all night dining. Just doing whatever the lower base wants. This is a life of nafse amaara.

If Rasoolullah sallAllahu alaihe Wasalam saw us, he would say where is the ummah? Muslims? because our lives do not show we are Muslims.

Nafse lawaama are people of 2 lives. They act on the shariah only when it suits them. Two faced people, this is hypocrisy, laailaha illAllah just from the top. This is not acceptable to Allah. Eman Waalay (believers) will have noor on their heads on the day of judgement. Hypocrites will ask for some noor from the believers and it will be said to them this noor was only available in the world. Allah will put a barrier, hypocrites will not get any noor, hypocrites will say to the believers: “were we not with you in the world?” but your desires kept you deluded.

Today no compensation will be accepted,. Their (hypocrites) end result is the same as unbelievers, and will be put in hell fire.

What is our state/haal? Has it not come, the time for the Believers? Allah will put a lock on our hearts if we don’t get our act together.

We must stop sins for Allah. If we hide sins or stop sins because of people, this is hypocrisy.

We worship the nafs, (lower base self). Allah wants tawheed and Allah hates shirk, it’s an unforgiveable sin.

Companions heard anything and worried “is that fault in me?”.
Muslims pray salaah, Tahujad, fast and are religious people. But when they get an opportunity to do haram, they will leap into it. Facebook, porn on Internet, their nafs will be uncontrollable. They will give into their desires. Rasoolullah sallAllahu alaihe Wasalam said their deeds will be wasted on the day of judgement. If we worship the nafs then this is shirk. It’s not Accepted by Allah. It’s very scary.
After doing good deeds we waste them by worshipping the nafs. People think from the top that we are religious. But Allah knows the state of our heart. Our life outwards and inwards both have to be the same, pure. Promise to Allah today not to sin.

Quran: Do they not see how we made the camel, so much strength, it can knock a man down, but it’s so loyal to its master. Can we humans not be loyal?

Nafse mutmaina – This is the real life. Life of ehsaan, strong eman saves them from sin. Companions had such strong eman.

Allah is watching us always. When we look at gayr mehram, REMEMBER Allah is watching us before we even look at that gayr Mehram. Believers know Allah swt is watching and cannot displease Allah swt. Allah is listening to everything I say. When we remember all this we recognise the greatness of Allah and his azmath. Then this stops us from sin, you get haya, man then feels haya towards Allah. This is a Great blessing. Then man does not complain to anyone. He finds it easy to do sabr. Allah swt said to Rasoolullah sallAllahu alaihe Wasalam do sabr.

Verse in quran, Allah says to Rasoolullah sallAllahu alaihe Wasalam that be patient, I am watching. This verse is a great comforter for believers. When Ibrahim(as) was about to be thrown in the fire, he said Allah knows what’s going on with me, so he was patient and put his trust in Allah
Ibrahim(as) was so loyal, the feeling of ehsaan, then comes Qabooliyath. Otherwise you will get two faced hypocrisy.

Until we don’t erase the hidden sins in us, don’t be proud that you pray Tahujjad. We must strive and ask Allah. We are like a one year old child who cannot walk but the father wants him to walk. Allah also wants us to take the steps towards him.

Do hijrah towards Allah, then we will reach ehsaan. We need to migrate from sins. When you are tempted by sins, remember Allah at that point. A person that does this is a dhaakir. Not the one who holds a tasbih. We have to.save ourselves from shirke kafee hidden shirk, hypocrisy.

A woman wanted to sin with a man. She threatened him that if you don’t I will still humiliate you by falsely accusing you. He quickly said I need the bathroom and he found impurity in bathroom and put it on his body. When he came before the lady she was disgusted and said get out! He left and he went home he did gusal, and smelt beautiful after that always, naturally from Allah, because of what he did. The way he saved himself from sin for Allahs sake was so pleasing to Allah swt, he smelt beautiful and people used to ask him what’s that beautiful smell?

A man saw a woman and said to her no one is watching us except the stars, let’s sin. She said who created the stars?

A woman invites man to sin, and man reminds her of Allah, and vice versa. This is the best dhikr. We must remember Allah at point of sin then we are dhaakir, otherwise we are gaafil.

May the disobedience and sins stop from our lives, nafse mutmaina, then Allah’s help and mercy rains down. Their dua’s are accepted and Allah swt gives them Qabooliyath in this world.
We remember that Allah is watching us all the time, but this is the lowest level. The highest level is that we worship Allah as though we can see Him, ehsaan.

Allah wants to purify us from all the filth in our heart. This is tasawwuf, purifying the heart. We are not seeking miracles, nor that our duas are accepted, nor that we fly in sky, but it becomes second nature, the shariah. Sins leave us, Allah will then give us taaj of izzath, crowns of izzath.

It’s one thing to do azan in a mosque, and another thing to do azan before kufar.

We say we are ummati. So make a sunnah life, Leave sins!

O Allah forgive our sins, purify our heart. Grant us your love in every limb, and put blessings in our knowledge and our rizk.
O Allah, we are here seeking your Pleasure And love, here with such hope, to have our sins forgiven. Please be pleased with us.
All our life we did worship, but you throw that person in hell. Who can be worse than this wretched person!
Please save us from such a situation. Please save us from hasad. Please save our eman, save us from punishment of grave, hashr, puls sirath.
Please grant us intercession of Rasoolullah sallAllahu Wasalam, drink from hauzay kausar and ziyarath of Rasoolullah sallAllahu alaihe Wasalam.



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